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Untaped Gunner's ears...

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Some of you may recall my previous post about a new vet saying that Gunner's ears will never stand. They have been posted for the first week now, and while playing he got the bottom part loose and part of the tampon had come out. I went ahead and unwrapped them so I could post them again. While they were unwrapped, they looked a little bit firmer but obviously not standing. What should I expect to see after one week of posting? The bottom part was up a good bit, but they were still very floppy. Is this normal or should I be concerned? The vet has me paranoid that they will never stand, even though we just started posting....
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No one?? :( Would it help if I got some pics? I really need to know if I'm wasting my time with trying to post them or not...the vet gave me such a grim prediction. I just need to know what I should expect to see after the first week of taping....
They should stand. It takes weeks & sometimes months before they stand for good. Depends on the cut & length.
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All pups are diffrent my boy ears stood for about an hour after his first rewrap. Hes four months has a show crop and they have been standing for almost a week waiting for a lil scab to heal.
In a nut shell i wouldnt be worried feed him a good food, keep up with posting. And they will stand ;)
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Pictures are always welcome ;)

I just wouldn't trust what that vet said. If I remember correctly, they'd been recently cropped, the the vet was talking about recrops and implants? Bah. Posting takes time, but certainly take heart in the fact that they seem firmer already!
After 1 week of posting... My boy's ears weren't even close to standing... and he has a fairly large bell (large to some people)
Thanks everyone...I guess i was just hoping to see more improvement but I know it's only been one week. *sigh* Darn that stupid vet!!
Thanks everyone...I guess i was just hoping to see more improvement but I know it's only been one week. *sigh*
It really depends on the dog. I've had some whose ears were as limp as noodles the first few times I took the posts out-no big deal, the ears were standing by 6 months of age or so.
Thanks everyone...I guess i was just hoping to see more improvement but I know it's only been one week. *sigh* Darn that stupid vet!!
I know how yo ufeel, but dont give up, and dont expect too much too fast. Just be persistent, and keep posting. If you are having problems with him pulling the tampons apart try finding some of the backer rod and using that, I believe it can be found around the air conditioning supplies in Home Depot .. or ask an employee where it is. Its a bit easier than the tampons to use. I can remember having to use the tampons on my girl Mysti many years back, and then using the backer rod on my Bella, and the difference is amazing in terms of how much easier it was now.
I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of your little guy. I bet he looks handsome.
there is a good sticky with the posting method using backer rods i believe :)
Flirt's ears when I picked her up. She was shipped from GA to CA. And had to have ears down. I didn't have anyone to help for a few hours.

She has a long crop and they stood by 5.5 months that was the one and ONLY day ever they flopped. I never let them wilt either.

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The first time we took out the posts, Nova had one ear flopped over and the other ear kinda stood up but was over the top of her head. Don't worry, just keep posting, just keep posting (sing it like Dory LOL).
I took a pic of his ears afte being untaped...I will post it here later when I've had my coffee ;)
jagers ears were floppy just like your pup at 13 wks he has a long crop and now with diligent posting are standing beautifully and 5.5 months so post on.
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