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UN-Taping Ears

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It's about time to take off Mensa's ear posts.

The Vet-Tech uses Ether to disolve the sticky stuff on the tape. I don't have any ether, and I can't seem to find a source for it.

What else works? Rubbing alcohol? That works for cleaning pine sap off her coat.
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No, alcohol will not work very well. Get a bottle of Uni-Solve. It's a product made by Smith & Nephew. You maybe able to find it locally at a surgical supply store. Most likely you will need to order some. I last got it from

I think Wal-Mart carries it in their pharma dept as well.
I use something called Remove by Smith&Nephew I believe it is almost the same as the Uni-Solve. You could also use mineral oil or isopropyl alcohol 99%. The alcohol just takes longer. If you don't have either of these handy, baby oil will do in a pinch.
Thanks guys!

I'll go out and get some of that Smith and Nephew stuff tomorrow. The next town down the road, Loma Linda, is a medical town so I should be able to find some in one of their medical supply houses.

The last time I took the tape off I used nail polish remover. It didn't work very well and I earned some suspicious looks when I bought it.
Uni-Solve works great, as does veggie oil or olive oil...just go slow and manipulate the ears from the posts w/ your fingers oiled well.
HEY WHERE ARE THE PICTURES LOL! I hear its about time for mensa's ears to be done...and I waited for the pictures to load...but none when you figure out what is good to clean them up make sure we see some pics :)
Here's Mensa's latest picture:

I took this one Friday night and put it on my Mother's Birthday card (today's her birthday).

A gal at the Dog Park is having a birthday today too. I told her it was also my Mother's birthday, and that she turned 62 today, the girl says "Damn, she must've been YOUNG when she had you!"
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ROFL, Chaz...why oh why can't people think first, speak second? Today I ordered my standard "Medium Black" coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. The response? "Do you want that with cream and sugar?"

PS...Mensa's a real beauty times 10. Grandma must be so proud!
Awwww, mensa got to be the star of a birthday card :D So what will she be for halloween?
I second that on Uni-solve. Stuff works great. If your in the neighborhood, I have a half of box you can have.

I remember the look on the pharmacists face when I ordered it and the skin bond. She was like "You need it for what?" When I picked it up, the other pharmacist on duty was like "Your the one with the doberman."
Waiting to see the new pics of the champion rat courser.
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