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The problem i see with it is that it will increase the activity of doing the deed in substandard conditions. Sure only a select few people will be doing it, illegally, but personally I think I would rather see it done propperly in a sanitized and humane environment on a large scale than have a few people put rubber bands around tails, cut tails at home with scissors and causing complications etc.
I know some that do tail banding. But yes, I would rather it be done by a vet, at the proper time (while they are very young), with the proper supervision and care. I don't know much about that country, but here in the US, they should be focusing on real problems like dog fighting, neglect, and enforcing existing humane and pet laws instead of making more and more laws. Honestly, I think a dog spay is WAY more invasive and risky than a tail dock. I know, apples to oranges.
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