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typical behavior the day after ear cropping

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I just had my 12 week old dobermans ears cropped yesterday(sunday) what is normal behavior for the day after?
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It can vary per dog. Is there something that is concerning you?
Some dogs act as if nothing ever changed and some dogs scratch and scratch at them.
Ripley was annoyed by the cup on her head. She was still active though.
Do you know if she had as gas mask or IV catheter meds? If she had IV meds, you can ask which prescriptions. Some docs use one sedative, others use a combination. Then, if certain meds are used, certain pups have better and quicker filtering livers and kidneys. I would suggest, despite which anesthetic that was used, please encourage lots of water. If your puppy appears disoriented and/or weak-- call your Vet. Sometimes, some Gatorade will restore electrolyte loss from not eating the day of surgery. Number one advice: call your vet with any concerns, immediately!
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