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Hi Guys,
Since this is my first dobe, i kinda freak out when the littlest things happen. Anyway, my first question, my dog is on the raw food diet and i know its suppose to help them grow slower and more regular so they don't get bone problems later on in life. He's now 8 months and he still walks and runs like puppy. He trips over his own feet more than ever and he "lopes" really funny too. Like he lopes like a cowboy walking (without bending knees). He's also a pretty slow dog. I can still out run him. Now will he eventually start running fast and loping normally or do you think this could be a Hip Dysplasia case?

Second question. I left my dog at a doggy day care for two nights when i went away for a weekend and ever since then he's been acting strange. First he had a bad bad case of diarrhea for about a week. And now he's not pooing at all. Last time he did poo, it was really really dark and he struggled alot. Its been a full day and a half without anything now. He seems to be eating alright (hasn't dropped any weight). Is this normal for dogs or is something stuck inside? He's still as active as he normally is as well.

Any suggestions?
Thank you!
Hip dysplasia isn't common in dobermans, but it *DOES* pop up occasionally. What you're describing sounds a lot like "bunny hopping", which can indeed be a symptom of HD. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have your vet take a look at him, maybe do some hip xrays.

Not pooping is NOT normal, so he definitely needs to be seen by a vet anyway.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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