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dobesanddragons said:
Glad it is almost here. Good luck in your obedience classes. They will be very helpful.
Yes, obedience classes are for socialization, but a different type, not like would happen on a playdate, doggie daycare, or out meeting the public.

Bruno should not be allowed to "go say hi" to other dogs. This will be very distracting for him, the instructor, and for the other owners and dogs in the class.

With the exception of some puppy kindergarten classes, obedience classes are not for meeting other dogs. Obedience classes are to help Bruno focus on you despite distractions, learn to obey commands, and develop a deeper bond with you, among other things. Play dates are for playing. But class is for working, not meeting and greeting.

Check out this article :
One obedience club we attended even handed this out at the beginning of obedience classes, it is a really good article.

Have fun with Bruno and let us know how the class went.
Oh DOG, I LOVE that article!!! I've seen it before and I really need to save it to my favorites list.

The advanced obedience class I go to is the class after basic, and a new one starts every 10 weeks...........time after time for over 3 years now, I have watched people with their dogs in basic..... it is a never ending source of entertainment. I can say this knowing that I was once a beginner too, and people probably chuckled over my dog and I. You can always pick out the people that are just so clueless....and determined to stay that way. Invariably, they have a lab or golden puppy.... or a labradoodle - LOL!!
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