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Two kids passing out...

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Daughter and Dobie getting ready to pass out...

(yes, that's tiny Sherman growing up.) :( LOL
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Great pic! Sherman is a beauty as is your daughter.
Nothing cozier than that!
Daughter looks like her mom! Very very pretty! As for that Doberboy....he is a cutie! So sad how quickly the little puppies are we have huge dogs, with puppy minds!!! Ha ha ha. Petey also isn't too good on his feet, pretty funny to watch his crashes!

Cute. That looks very cozy.
Very sweet picture :)
Wow, Sherman no longer looks like a pup. Your daughter is so pretty.
Wow Sherman is getting big and beautiful.. You are going to need Sherman a lot to ward off the guys for such a pretty daughter
I know... We already have little boys calling the house and grown men looking at her when we go out (she's 13!). Yuck.
And something I forgot to mention... when Nikki and I walk Sherman out in the desert, he likes to run around and do his "various things." But Nikki told me that when she walks him in the desert alone, he sticks very close to her and never lets them get more than 10 yards or so apart. When she stops, he stops and watches her to see when she will continue.. stuff like that. God, I love dobermans....
Yes he will indeed come in handy in a couple of years when they boys start coming around to pick her for their dates. I do not envy you. You are going to have a tough job keeping the boys away. Your daughter is beautiful. Good for Sherman for keeping an eye on her. :) :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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