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Trying to find 'doggy family tree' sum help plz..

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Does anyone know a good site or search place to try & find my dogs ancestors on? the more recent few arent champions, But i would really like to be able to find pictures of them, Or possibly abit of imformation (i dont & never knew the breeder) so im abit stuck, they dont come up in any searches.. Anyone think i'll have any chance of finding out about them?
Many thanks,
Tazz & Phil.
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I know that Blackdog is very good at finding lineage.... you can send her a PM to get her attention and ask her about it..... she's always very helpful. Good luck!
Ok thanks i will do that ... hope she doesnt mind!
Phil pm what you know about Tazz to me also, I have quite a few books on U.K.breeders I might be able to dig some info out for you.
There's a great pedigree site in the UK that contains a lot of the "across the pond" dogs

If they're US or Canadian dogs, send me what you know and I'll see what I can do.
Ok instead of PMing everyone - heres what i have on his Papers..


Tazz's Grandmother (Dam side) = PURROMA ABSOLUTE
Tazz's Grandfather (Dam side) = TARA'S MIDNITE MOONSHINE

Tazz's Grandmother (Sire side) = AMAZON ADDICTED TO LOVE AT MIRDALE
Tazz's Grandfather (Sire side) = BARRIMILNE VAGUELY NOBLE

The other ones are mainly champions, so i can find those, & to be honest im not too bothered as they are way back, I would just like some info & preferably some pictures of his parents, & Grandparents for now, then if that goes well his Great Grandparents aswell (the champions i've already found)
Ofcourse being 'non champions' its pretty hard to find them, So if any of you can help out or know where i might find out such info/pics, Please let me know - & any other info you require i will be more than happy to give :)
Cheers! Tazz & Phil.
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BARRIMILNE VAGUELY NOBLE is in the database, and there are some pictures
I cant get onto that pedigrees dobermann site, It wont let me send her an email, + it says she wont be answering them for awhile :(
Sending you a PM

RedDobie_Tazz said:
I cant get onto that pedigrees dobermann site, It wont let me send her an email, + it says she wont be answering them for awhile :(
oo dis is annoying! lol could you link me to the pages with info etc on them?
HEY! Tazz is on that site also! lol! aw wow im well chuffed, following down hes on there with his brothers & sisters! :D:D
Ok well no pictures.. But i found Tazz on it, with all his brothers & sisters, Now i know there were 8 in the little, 4males 4 females, 6brown, 2black..
And i know all their KC registered names! All this i never knew before today so i definatly got something out of it.. & who knows, could bump into one of them one day! :D Thanks everyone for all your help was really good of you,
Me & Tazz both really appreciate it! Take care all of you. *sloppy kisses from Tazz*
Phil that site is connected to the site i will contact the administrator to see if i can find out what the problem is,but it took some time for her to answer her e-mail to me,she is a busy dog show person herself.
cheers brumwolf! i emailed her, see if she emails back n stuff,
Thanks for takin the time 2 look into it for me & emailin her :)
RDTazz the site says it won't be up in running until end of Oct. Must be updating their site. BlackDog is wonderful she helped me out alot.
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