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Trainings pics of Yordi

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Well today, Yordi did some biting after 1 year, since he was recovering from his bladderstone and neutering surgery, we didn't do much with him, a little bit of obedience, to keep his condition ok.

He was happy again and seems to enjoy it, he can not do any trials anymore, but he may help to learn new decoys, and I can tell he is a really big help!

I am very happy he is that far again, he loose some weight slowly, His hair don't grow back fast but his coat is a bit shiny again.

Here they are!

The first just run thru the blinds,

And now he is mine!!

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Thanks all! Yes he really enjoyed himself, after the surgery I was worried, he looks like a old dog, but slowly he started coming back.

He look like a pretty good teacher too!

He is a good teacher, the boys like to work with him, cause he know it all. and listen very well, his bite is always full and he always co-operate with the decoys, he never "fight"on the sleeve.

He was so tired yesterday, he fell in sleep when we got home till this morning, and seems to be fresh and new again.

The weather here is so nice at the moment, it almost look like spring, so probably we go for a walk thru the beach this afternoon, together with Valdo the GSD.
We don't want to compete him, because of several things, his age, he is been over 7 years, and did always do a great job, when he is getting older the bones are getting older as well, so we want to have him for many many more years, when you do a lot of training you put also a lot of pressure on the body, this in combination with his neutering and bladder surgery we take that decision, just to keep him at one piece.

Also when he is neutered, here he cannot compete in any trials also. Speak for the Netherlands!

I still do obedience with him, also not jumping anymore, he would go but don't go so easily,tracking and playing with the decoys, just to keep him in shape, and moslty he likes to do it, so its good for his mind as well.

This is Yordi a few years ago, he jumped so easily to get his dumbell.

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