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A trick I've found helps when my dog knocks down a little kid (3-4 years old--It HAS rarely happened:)) is to either pick the kid up, or kneel down right next to him (use judgement about what seems to be more accepted by the kid) and to say in my most excited, thrilled, interested sort of voice, "What happened? Did that mean ole dog run right OVER you? Whoops! He needs to look where he is going, doesn't he? WHAT a SILLY dog!!" Stuff like that.

With any luck, the kid is really only a bit scared and not hurt, and if you do it right, chances are he'll think the whole thing was funny before long and want to pet that clumsy ole dog who tripped over him. I think a lot of the time, it is the "OMG! Are you hurt??? Are you sure you're OK?" fear response from the surrounding adults that keeps the kid scared and can even lead to a more lasting fear of dogs. Kids are tough. They fall out of trees, off playground equipment, off their bikes; a minor scrape with a dog shouldn't merit huge fusses--from either kids or parents.

Of course, your dog should be socialized and trained in good behavior--goes without saying. But accidents can strike the best of us--it helps to have a backup strategy.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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