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Replacement value?

It would be horrid to watch an animal die from what we thought was good food. I cannot fathom that and hope I never have to. I would expect to be reimbursed for the dog and the vet bills. In my opinion legislation should put thier money where thier mouths are and pass some laws about the aafco doing testing on foods and the QUALITY of the ingredients in ALL dog foods, not just the expensive dog foods. I wouldn't want to see a bunch of people lose thier jobs, but come on,something has to give! I may not be an Einstien when it comes to politics, but there has got to be some new rules about this. The company responsible for those pets deaths may not have intended for all that happened, but if the grain would have undergone some strict inspections none of this may have happened in the first place. Yes i know it is a bunch of "ifs" and "whats". Still again this is just my opinion.
I think you make a good point here. A pet is the only posession that is ALIVE and therefore not just impossible to replace but it's one and only life is of great value in and of itself. Harsher sanctions should be put directly on the pet food companies in order to make it worth their while to test all of their ingredients for safety. They got off way too cheaply recently.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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