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Kratty said:
The topic was suggested by Alwayshadapets. Due to a subjects that was discussed recently. What would you do?

  • If for some reason you and your family household are unable to care for your Doberman, what do you plan to ensure they are cared for? (Could be due to finances, illness, or other circumstances). Have never given this one any thought. Good point.
  • In emergency situations, where you have to be away from your Doberman for many days or weeks, who will take care of your Doberman if your immediate family members are not around. I have a lady who cleans my house and just loves my dogs. She does not work, lives alone and is happy to house/dog sit for me at any notice....I am very lucky. Harley does not cope well at boarding kennels, we tried it twice and he cried the whole time according to the kennel assistant.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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