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I'm sure if I died one of the many people who love byron would come get him-I would really hope anyway! I would hope my mom would jsut keep him here because this is were he has always been.

If I was still alive and had to give him up I really have no clue-I think I would literally die before I could give him up. I'd rather him live in a car with me than with someone I'm not 100% sure he's happy with.

there is actually a person on some other forums I go to(and on petfinders to if anyone goes there) who apparently got hit on a horse by a car and has been in a coma since christmas. Turns out someone went to try to get her dog and it got loose and now its missing. I keep thinking how horrible for her and to add on top of it her dog is gone now to:(
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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