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Yahoo!! Just found out that one of our dogs is in the final Top 20 Conformation for 2007!! His name is Ch Promise's Beau Rivage V Olympia. He's been shown as a special by up and coming handler Shane Hooper. They show mainly on the west coast and its NOT easy to beat the "biggies" out there!! Shane and Beau are quite a team, Beau is always a happy wiggle tailed boy and loves Shane with all his heart because Shane feels the same way about him. He is owned by Joe & Pat Policastro of Flagstaf Arizona!
You can see a photo of Beau on my gallery, its called Beaualone.
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Congrats! He is a dog that fits the standard well.
Wow!!! Big Congrats To You.
jdd,The more i see your dogs, the more I like them. You have a certain type that is getting recognizable to me. Your dogs are very consistant as well, I like that. I would recommend your dogs to anyone looking for an excellent example of the breed.
Beau is gorgeous and congratulations to you! That's quite an honor.
What a beautiful brown boy. It must give you great satisfaction to see you hard work pay off with such a stunning dog.

21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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