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To Kennel or not to Kennel?

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I'm really thinking about having a small kennel built. Something with radiant floors, with a couple runs. I'm thinking this because It would be nice to get a brake from the dogs when I needed one. Like to wash the floors, or when we had alot of company. Also until we put up fencing, I think it would be a good Idea that they could be outside for a longer time. I'm thinking of somethng like 12X6. Two seperate runs. Or would it be better to just buy one biggg chain link enclosure? If the girls form problems with each other as they get older I would want them seperate. Anyone have any really good small kennel plans? Or any advise on how and what to build it out of? Or should I go cheap and just put dog houses in a large run? I have seen some great plans online but can't find them.

Now they would not be outside forever. But I think it may be useful.
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our setup is....
we have a doggie door that was installed in one of our side leads out of a tiled storage room with a sink...
outside the doggy door leads to kennel. It has a thick cement floor and fulling fenced in with a roof over it.
so two parts of the sides are the side of the house and the other two sides are chain link fence. then a angled roof over it...
There is a gate/door that locks and leads out to the yard when WE open it lol. Our yard is fenced in but would never want a doggy door that leads to the yard directly. so we have full control over when the dogs get to go in the yard...but they definately never just stay in there...they hop into the kennel when they want...they will bark at people going by but not too bad. we have never had a complaint.
here are the best pictures I have....maybe Ill take more...but for now this is what I have to show

okay i couldnt find much...Ill go take some better pictures of the roof etc.
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ok I got a bunch of more pictures....we now have a couple tarps...In the winter we keep tarps over the whole the summer we keep them on a couple sides...
The cats like to sit out there too...they will go through the doggy door and they can't fit through the bottom or the edge of the we have had their litter boxes out there and that works great too! lol.
My dad built all of it...and the house too hehe...and he built the little wooden railing to seperate the litter boxes from the dogs...
I took so many pictures of it...I get snap happy. lol.
and I think it is about the size you mentioned...6X12 feet...I know its 6 ft wide not sure the length but it looks like it could be 6ft doubled.

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Ohh, thats a nice set up! I wish I could use my house as a partial contruction to a kennel. Those floor look really nice. There tile??
That is a really nice set up!
Ohh, thats a nice set up! I wish I could use my house as a partial contruction to a kennel. Those floor look really nice. There tile??
no the kennel floor is cement. but it is sealed somehow...the floor of the room that the kennel is right outside from is tile...its a little storage room that has a sink and a hose cause Duchess goes potty in the kennel..and so then we pick up the poops and rinse it off with the hose :)
its funny cause at first it was just a small 6ftx 6ft kennel that wasnt very tall...probably 5 ft...and then we decided to fence it all in...and then we decided to put the roof over it...haha.
we figure...we'll just have to sell the house if we move to some nice dog loving people :) So in our eyes it raises the value of the house but in some peoples eyes they might be like OMG what is that!!! why did they do that! haha.
That is a really great setup. The only thing was the snow. Yuk.
Wow. That is NICE!

We use our deck in a similar way. It's big enough for the girls to hang out and get fresh air (or chase each other around). Right off our deck is a penned in area for potty. The pen area has an opening that we attached a lightweight baby gate to. We lock it with a clip so the dogs don't roam into the rest of the yard.
Do you have a picture of your set up Lyngr? I am thinking of trying to put one of those in off of my deck.
We have a 6 foot fence around the back yard so I never thought about doing anything else for her. She doesn't go outside alone anyway. We are always outside with her. Nice set up though :)
Can you please send your dad to my house??? :)
yeah the dogs dont go in the yard which is fully fenced without us out their with them too...
they can just hop out to the kennel...but only duchess hops out their to go potty and they will both hop out if they hear something...but they dont bark excessively at all...otherwise they dont go out there to lay in the sun or lounge ever...which surprises me.
Coco doesnt know or want to go potty in the we still have to let him out into the yard and pooper scoop the yard otherwise its nice to know that Duchess doesnt feel couped up if no one is home later than expected...

It's funny whenever I let the dogs out to play in the yard...but thats where coco goes potty lol so I see duchess sprint out there and take a pee lol I think its just cause she thinks she is missing out by not being able to do her business in the yard lol.

thanks guys! Lyngr Id like to see a picture too...I can't quite picture what your talking about exactly.
we have a swing on our front porch...and I thought it would be neat if we could close off the entrance with some kind of latched if we want to sit on the porch the dogs can be out too...

Mandysblackroses, is a fully fenced in yard an option for you??? I think a kennel with a cement floor so they cant dig is handy if you have people over and if its nice enough to stay outside for a bit...and the seperate double might be handy too cause with them being siblings maybe you wont want to leave them alone together...but fenced in yard is a great help just for the dogs and your enjoyment. :)

Can you please send your dad to my house???
haha he enjoys side jobs like those lol he is actually an automechanic but got a "Crew" to build the house...and its amazing he can build anything he wants lol. If you saw that picture with Duchess on the swing...he built that swing too:)
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Wow that is great.. so how soon could he be at MO and AK.. I have several jobs to start.. Now I will have a place for him to sleep. (I can kick the dogs out of the guest room) Those are great.. Must be nice to have someone who is so handy...
Do you have a picture of your set up Lyngr? I am thinking of trying to put one of those in off of my deck.
thanks guys! Lyngr Id like to see a picture too...I can't quite picture what your talking about exactly.

Sure! I'll try and take some photos when the rain stops.
bump for Mariposa & Lapdog....

I finally got a pic of my pen area:

You can see there is also a baby gate leaning against the glass slider in case we want to keep the dogs on the deck (the pen are gets muddy when it rains)

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