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Please--for the sake of your puppy--do not use Vet Wrap or any other self amalgamating tape on ears. The possible advantages do not outweigh the kind of disaster you narrowly avoided.

You can go on posting with tie wraps but instead of the Vet Wrap use one of the Johnson & Johnson products (Zonas or Coach sometimes labeled Sport tape) These are medical grade, low tack (not terribly sticky) breathable tapes and work well for ear posting. Also you should have or get some Uni-Solve an adhesive remover which works so well the tape and/or anything glued in will practically fall off.

For complete information go to the Puppy sub forum and read greenkouki's complete pictoral instruction information on how to post long show crop--it is for doing it with backer rod but you can substitute the tie wraps

At this point I don't think you can or need to do anything more to deal with the circulation to the ear tip. But for future reference--when taping ears (and I can't stress enough what a very bad idea it is to substituted Vet Wrap or anything like Vet Wrap for the J & J medical grade tape. Since both ear tips are now warm I'd be less concerned about the color.

Also I've found that to avoid taping too tight becomes less of a problem if you lay the tape on--use tape wrapped to just before you get to the tip. At the tip instead of a wrap cut a short piece of tape, press the ear tip to the end of the tie wrap (it should be back wrapped at the end so the ear tip will stick to it) and lay that piece of tape over the ear tip and down the back side of the tie wrap. You can't cut off circulation posting the tip that way because it doesn't go around. Then wrap your hand around the taped ear and scrunch the tape so it sticks to itself and the ear.

It's easier than you think to cut off circulation to an ear tip. And unfortunately the self amalgamating tapes like Vet Wrap can tighten up pretty easily depending on weather conditions. Everyone seems to know that you shouldn't stretch it when putting it on but it's not so commonly known that hot weather and high humidity can cause shrinkage and sometimes just high humidity will do it--it doesn't have to get wet because the puppy fell in the pool or got rained on.

Hope this helps some and good luck.

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