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Well Thumper got enrolled into puppy classes with his sister. The first week went awful! He was a handful. He started chewing on his leash. Laying down when I would tell him to heel. Spin in circles when I told him to sit. He was just out of control. The trainer came up to me and told me that he is dominate. I smiled and said I know. She tried to walk him and he did the same thing for her. She finally got him to walk correctly. So she came back over and showed me what she did. So I tried that and it still didn't work. She then said I am to use to working with a larger dog. She said that I am very timid around him. I at first wanted to disagree but then I realized she was 100% right. I am so use to Gracie's size and giving her a little jerk on her training collar is nothing for her. For him he doesn't have a training collar and I don't want to hurt his neck.

I missed last weeks class. Thumper's sister fell off my mother in laws bed and broke her leg in 2 places. So I was over there puppy sitting. So we have class again tonight, I have been bound and determined to prove that my pup is no push over. He can walk like he is suppose to.

Also since we missed class last week I took the time to teach him a few other things. I try and teach him 2 new things a week while still working on the things we learn in class. Last week he learned drop it and come. He is not 100% on come yet but he is pretty good for 5 months old.

The things he knows now are: sit, stay, come, drop it, and heel. Like I said he isn't 100% but we are still working on them. He is almost perfect at drop it. I have now bumped it up to him dropping his food while he is eating. He is also no longer humping everything he sees. He still likes to hump Gracie and his sister. When we tell him to stop for the most part he does.
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