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Throwing up

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My 4yr old boy is nicknamed "tender tank" because he has such a problem with throwing up. We feed him with a "slow feed" bowl. We have stopped him from playing with his squeeky balls 30 min after he eats. We have stopped him from drinking water 15 minutes after he eats. We have tried different foods including the following:
SoJo's (mixed with raw turkey)
Grandma Lucy's
Whole Foods Baked Food

He throws up if he drinks water too fast, has company at the house, or gets excited after he eats.

He seems to throw up more during the middle of the night. Maybe we can try feeding him a couple of hours earlier than his bedtime.

Any suggestions?
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What does your vet say?
Vet says he is healthy. Has made multiple suggestions:
changing food until the right one is found
holding up on the water after eating
the slow feed bowl
no excitement after eating
checking plants etc in backyard
no more rawhides :)
Did the vet take any x-rays to make sure there was no blockage?
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Yes last year- he is due for another checkup and will request again
I assume you mean he has been throwing up frequently for an extended period of time? Perhaps you could try feeding him more often but less quantity at each meal? I'm reaching here--but I hope you get things figured out soon.
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Did the vet take any x-rays to make sure there was no blockage?
Yes last year- he is due for another checkup and will request again
I think the concern is whether his throwing up is in any way related to some blockage, from rawhide or other stuff. In which case, an xray would be best done now and not at his annual checkup whenever that is.

But you are most familiar with his habits/patterns.
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meagaesophagus x-rays ,esophageal reflux problems ?
Bouvier had Meaga and Papillon had the reflux, both would throw up after eating.Had to feed very small meals a day.
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If the vomiting has been going on for an extended period of time I'd ask the vet to check on the possibility of megesophagus--takes an x-ray or ultrasound.

My Australian Shepherd as a puppy and very young dog would puke up his food if he was excited after eating. I learned to just plain crate him after he ate--to put water on his food (but not actually soak it) which both slowed down his eating and meant I didn't have to have him water for a couple of hours after he ate (I did have a Dobe many years ago, a water hog, who would drink so much after eating that he'd "float" the kibble and vomit up the whole mess) and I never feed rawhide, pigs ears, hooves etc--for more reasons that the fact that they can cause blockages.

And we also learned to enforce the rule that "Anyone who makes Henry puke by playing with him right after meals has to clean it up!" The kids who were the big offenders really hated to have to clean up after him and stopped letting him out of the crate after he'd been in there 10 minutes. He had to be pretty quiet for at least an hour after eating.
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