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My dog just got another UTI so the vet has given her Clavamox and Royal Canin Urinary vet food. Since she has been on the food and meds, she has thrown up twice. She threw up first just bile and the second time there was food and bile. Is this possibly due to the meds and new food? I am feeding her the same amount. She threw up the food and bile about 4 hours after eating. I know she has not eaten anything else (that she wasn't supposed to.) She also went to the park earlier and ran alot. She is otherwise acting normal.

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Clavamox is a fairly high powered antibiotic and you should have gotten some instructions about when and how to give it as well as a short list of possible symptoms that your dog was not tolerating it well.

Clavamox should always be given with food--best to give after a meal and then keep the dog quiet for awhile.

Vomiting after having been given Clavamox should be your cue to call the vet and ask if the meds might be causing the vomiting.

If you are feeding RC Canine SO it's rarely not tolerated but Clamamox often isn't so I'd suspect the meds rather than the food.

But you need to ask the vet about it so if they feel it's the meds they can prescribe something else. UTI's don't tend to go away on their own
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