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I feed Eagle Pack Duck and Oatmeal to one of mine with allergies, it works great for him. I use both the canned and kibble.
Glad you are seeing progress with your Bruno.
It really can be hard to narrow down the cause if it is allergies, I had a dog with allergies and it was awful seeing him go thru what he did until we finally figured out what works best for him.
Best of luck with the new food for your boy.
What is wrong with his ears? I know a really good solution you can home make for itchy ears or ears with a yeast infection if that is what he is going through. My holistic vet gave it to me and I have since made copies and gave them to friends with ear issues, worked in every case.
I also found if you google "blue miracle ear" or something to that effect you can find the solution online. Follow the directions closely, you have to use it a lot in the beginning, three times per day if I remember correctly.
The holistic vet made some changes to mine; it was half white vinegar and half rubbing alcohol. Also I only put three to four drops of the gentian violet so it wouldn't stain my clothes.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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