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the viscous doberman eatin the baby

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Oh YES.... Look at that big DoberMonster!!! I'm sure he was just waiting on the chance to attack!! Haha. (Yeah right)

Very cute pics :)
OMG! Did you not get the memo? Dobes and kids... They should never be together, dobes only see kids as snacks not toys. :D Just kidding. Oh and by the way I love the pictures of him chewing on your sock in your sig. Oh so cute.
Ahh man I can only see lil red X's :( Prolly work firewall blocking the domain they are hosted on. :( Maybe you could send em to the gallery for me Tracy. :)

yes ill load them here soon as i get the kids off to school :)
Nice thanks Tracy. :)

Man if I were to see that vicious dog chasing that poor little girl I would have stepped in ASAP and gave em both big hugs. :D

Hey gang: this appeared in today's washington post in the health section - TracyinVa did you see it? I think you should send in your pictures to the Post so they have verification.

when I saw the last line i just LMAO! I just had to share with you all, especially given this thread. See mr. Desi - what TracyJo said is true! dobes do eat small children - it was in the newspaper. lol


The Dog Ate My Kid

Certain dog breeds -- German shepherds and Dobermans -- are more likely to bite children than other breeds; children age 1 and younger are most likely to be bitten; and most children are bitten by dogs they knew, researchers reported last week as they urged putting off the purchase of a dog until kids are school-age . And those who must have a dog might want to avoid ones large enough to swallow a toddler.
roflmao id li8ke to see LUcy or Sassy fit anythin bigger than a rawhide bone in their mouths lol
Heck, I know a lot of kids that bite harder than most dogs!

Luv_my_Bruno said:
That is too cute!!

I also feed my Dobe small children ;)

Great pics! They look like brothers!
Very handsome boys you have there and Bruno is a looker too.

Pippin said:
Great pics! They look like brothers!
The kids do? Or the dog and the kids? LOL

Cuz the boys are, they are my boys. Isaiah (6) and Isaac (4 next sunday) ;)

Thanks Dakari. I just love getting pictures like this. Because everyone is all "why do you own a dobe if you have small kids?" uh...because I can lmao ;)
Oh no! Someone get that killer dobe on a leash before it strikes again! lol jk. My son's name is Isaac as well. He's going to be 5 in June. That's cool that its spelled the same way. Anyways, cute dobe too!
Nices shots LMB. you'll have to teach the boys and Bruno how to do the "lion tamers trick" where they open the dogs mouth and put their heads in. lol

the first time my kids did it with my newf, my mom about had a stroke. now that we have a dobe, they think it is even MORE fun to freak out their grandmother. (personally I'm not sure which is funnier - them doing it or her reaction:muha: )

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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