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First, I wouldn't leave dogs outside all day unattended. Quiet neighborhood or not, it only takes one car to kill or seriously injure a dog. Especially a new dog whose tendencies you don't know. Actually you do know this one has a tendency to escape because she already did. I would love for my dogs to be able to have free run of a large property from which they absolutely could not escape and from which there was absolutely no danger of their being stolen or poisoned or of neighbor kidds getting the dogs in trouble. Unfortunatel I don't live in such a world, and very, very few people do.

If my dogs were out all day I'd just worry about what might be happening to them. I personally know quite a few disaster stories of dogs left outside all day, from owners who were "sure" everything was ok.

I live in a "quiet neighborhood" too, totally residential, quite a ways to the nearest major thoroughfare, and yet I see dead cats all the time in the street who have been hit by cars, and the occasional dog too.

I don't know what you mean about "sharp tempered" Dobermans. Dobermans aren't supposed be more than "medium" sharp, and even if they were, what has that got to do with escaping from a fence? All breeds and mixed breeds are in danger of escaping from a fence, they're dogs and you never know what they might do if the opportunity presents itself.

Just the fact you're worried about your dog getting her collar caught if she tries to escape again and worried about her being loose with no ID shows that you yourself do not see the situation as secure.

You haven't had this dog very long at all. While your older dog may not try to escape, obviously this one will. So if I were you I'd take precautions, *at least* until the dog has settled in and you know her better.

But if you insist on this course, I recommend getting both dogs microchipped, that way they will always have at least some kind of ID and it will theoretically at least protect them if they're impounded.

They also make a breakaway collar for dogs that works on a similar principle as breakaway collars for cats, they come in large dog sizes.
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