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The needy Doberman (and

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So as I sit here studying for my Organic test, Zeus begins the usual....wandering around looking for something to play with....finds a piece of tennis ball, then gets bored and comes and stares at me....then whines at the lowest softest pitch audible. Then begins opening/closing his mouth, until I pet him. I hurt his feelings by telling him to go lay down, so I let him on the bed.... He slowly starts creeping up closer and closer...drooling on the books, then smacking me with his big doberpaw.

Needless to say, I eventually decide to give up on studying and pet him until he falls asleep (and of course take some pictures) Sorry for the poor quality cell phone pics!

Ever since he's started feeling better, he has felt the need to be *on top of me* all hours of the day....... A bit annoying at times, but I'm so glad he has the energy to do so!!

This is his "if I look really cute will pleaseeee pet me!" (I wish this was a decent quality pic!)

"Have fun typing with my 10" face on your keyboard :p "

And then some random ones of my roommate's dog.... He thinks Zeus is his best friend.........Zeus thinks otherwise

This boy has to be my favorite non-dobe ever. He's now much older, but still gives this sweet face preceding wet pibble kisses. He is also a "smiler"
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I also have the same problem when I'm trying to type in my office ............there comes Devon and gives me that look pet me mommy:)
Thanks for the pictures; it's nice to know that mine aren't the only ones who act like that.

And in an aside: Man, am I GLAD I'm done with Organic! I hated that course. There is no greater joy in life, practically, than to be finished with Organic.
Haha I actually love it!! I'm in the second half now, but switched to major in it due to my live of orgo!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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