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The MeadowCat crew

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Here are a few photos of the MeadowCat crew...I shared the Leon photos already in his puppy thread but thought I would just post a general "family update" :)

Richter will turn 11 in July. Sypha is 7 1/2. Leon is 10 months.

Richter is formally known as Glengate's Mountain Fortress CAA ORT NW2 L1E L1C L2V L2I ACT 1 WAC RATI SOG LC-10L.
Sypha is formally known as Sirai's Golden Masquerade RATI ORT SOG DOG NW3 NW3-Elite NW3-V NW3-C NW3-E NW3-I L1E L2V L2C L2I TKN SEE SIA SWN NJP WAC BFL-1
Leon is formally known as Protea's Bring it On Home TKN

They keep me busy!

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Thanx MeadowCat--I particularly like Richter's patenedt drool--very nice Richter!

The deli turkey was VERY enticing! :)
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Such different looks. I always think Sypha is such a tall, elegant feminine Princess. 😍

Our Queen Bee is also 11. She has white hairs going up her legs now. She is still very active and playful. She has a new beau in her life to be a cougar Gf to.

I bet Sypha and Leon really go at it!
Sypha is actually tiny... she's in standard, but barely. She's only 60 pounds. She just always sits up nice and tall because she believes she's a supermodel!
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It's definitely more work having three than having two, and Leon is at the very pushy teenage boy stage. So it's hard right now. I certainly would not have gotten a male pup if Richter wasn't the age he was and didn't have the incredibly easy going temperament he has. Even with that, I do still have to manage interactions, just to be sure nothing escalates, and also to protect Richter from things getting too rough. He thinks he's still about 5 years old and will try and play way too hard - he's less steady than he thinks he is and I don't want him to get hurt.

The dynamic changes, too, of course, just because you've thrown a third dog into a relationship. I try to give Richter and Sypha breaks from the beast!
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