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"By Dr. Becker

There’s an ironic twist in the ongoing problems with pet food, pet food ingredients, and especially treats made in China.

Chinese pet owners who can afford to are arranging to import American-made pet food and treats to avoid tainted products made in China. This, while pet owners in the U.S. continue to wait – for nearly 5 years and counting -- for the FDA and retailers to ban potentially deadly China-made chicken jerky dog treats from store shelves.

At least a dozen pet food manufacturers in the U.S. currently export their products to Hong Kong to meet the demand of well-to-do Chinese pet owners who don’t want to risk giving the family dog or cat food or treats made in their own country.

U.S. pet food companies have even been instructed not to translate their formula ingredients to Mandarin because it could make Chinese consumers suspicious of the real origin of the ingredients.

Chicken Jerky Pet Treat Update

According to media sources who are in contact with members of the U.S. congress, including, the FDA has sent inspectors into plants in China that make chicken jerky pet treats. Their goal, one would hope, is to finally discover the ever-elusive link between...

Don’t Count on “Made in the U.S.A.” to Mean “This Product is Safe”

One of the biggest frustrations of pet owners trying to avoid poisoning their dog or cat, is that many pet treat package labels claim the product was made in the U.S., when the reality is one or more ingredients were imported from China...."

For the rest of the story: Chinese Pet Owners Importing U.S Pet Food for Safety

Sources: March 14, 2012
Pet Pardons News March 12, 2012

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I've been feeding my five dogs Waggin Trails Chicken Jerky from China every day for years now. Their kidneys are just fine. None of them has ever been ill. I've recently reduced them down to only getting it occasionally, partly because of all the talk about this product killing dogs, but also because of the cost. It's very expensive, especially when you are treating five dogs with it.

The FDA can find no link between this product and reports of illness in dogs.

I think there's a lot of hysteria about this. I am always looking out for my dogs and making sure what they eat is safe, but I don't like getting manipulated by a lot of hysteria and misinformation either. It wouldn't matter so much except that this chicken jerky is their most favorite treat of all. Five dogs, chicken jerky five days a week for five years...with no illnesses. Oh, and one of them just had her kidneys and liver checked as part of a geriatric problems.
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