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the hose attacks...

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first a few cute pics -

rah wonders what the hell i am laughing at:

you say i have WHAT on my nose?

and then we went outside. i was trying to clean the rat cages with the hose - a hose rah has seen me use for 2 weeks.
but today, today was different.
today, the HOSE MUST DIE.

rah, already attacked once, sizes up his prey...

and goes in for the kill:

score one for the hose:

maybe if i keep my eyes closed...

maybe if i open my mouth MORE...

or a head on attack...

oh REALLY hose?
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(for those wondering, yes rah has full and proper dentition!)
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lmao!! kim those pics are amazing!! did you take them and hosed him at the same time or was there a 2nd person helping?
OH MY GOSH! haha! awesome pictures! so funny! Its funny that she faces up to the hose lol Duchess will tuck her butt and run away lol. and I love when duchess comes in the kitche looking at me with a little tiny orange feather...and I say...WHOS GUILTY! SNOOPING AROUND THE FLOOR BY THE BIRD CAGE!!! lol hahaha so cute!
Too funny, I was just outside doing the same thing with Piper! Rommel wants nothing to do with water, but like I have said before I think Piper is part Lab! Awesome Pics.
Those are great pics. So funny. Have to love action pictures. I agree, did you take them and use the hose? I love to watch dogs play in water. i wish mine loved water like that.
hahaha that is just too funny "today the hose must die" I also loved the dirty nose. Dobies look so regal that it is funny to see them with dirty noses.
yup thats why they arent in great focus -i was both hosing and taking the pics :)
Nice one's Kim,he looks like he is living up to the dobermann reputation of no prisoners when it comes to the hose.My lot just go hide as soon as i get it out the shed.
Ha! Histarical!! Especially the last one! What a character!
Awesome pics. I was smiling the whole way through. Having fun in the summer time the best!
Oh Kim, thank you so much for the laugh, I needed it!!!! So glad that Rah is proving to be wonderful entertainment for you :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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