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The Door Bell

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Hi I am new to Dobermantalk. This may sound weird, but has anyone had any luck with teaching their Dobe to ring a door bell when they want to come in or go out. Roxy has a habit of jumping onto the glass sliding door and pounds it until I open up. I know that is because she knows it annoys the hell out of me and I will open the door.

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TracyJo said:
I haven't done it but don't think it would be too hard. These kids are smart, smart, smart and love to learn new things. I'd start by putting some peanut butter or squirt cheese on the bells to entice her to "ring" it, every time the bell rings, open the door and treat - Bet she catches on in no time!

I don't think i would want to put penut butter on a door bell button :p that'd be a mess to clean up!

I would break this up into more steps. Get the dog to hit the button with it's paw, treat, and vocalize a command, let's say "bell". Get a solid response from the dog to hit the door bell to your command "bell". Then each time she's scratching at the door to go out, say "no" to the scratching, they command "bell" and as soon as she gets it to ring open the door and praise and give her the go outside command (if she has one already, my dog knows not to go outside a door unless I give it a release command).
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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