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you know DT, I was meant for greater things...

_DSC6517 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

but I have to do my time with this twit...

_DSC6516 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

oh well

_DSC6532 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

ooo... cute fluffy bitch

_DSC6522 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

sigh.... she sees me with HIM

_DSC6518 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

something in the trees needs chasing

_DSC6451 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

and proof, DT... the twit I am attached to

_DSC6474 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

look dude, you OWE me a snack

_DSC6423 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr


_DSC6424 by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr


_DSC6537_HDR by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

_DSC6469_HDR by $$$Cooper$$$, on Flickr

Got mutt?
Leo, Lily, and Simon
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I told you he was going to want more than dog biscuits eventually. By the way, I've never seen such distortion-free reflections in windows before. It took me a while to figure out that it actually was a reflection, and not a picture taken through the window. What finally clued me in was the writing on the sign.
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