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The doberman is back.

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To think this time the mystery doberman (another with with full ears and tail) came back and this time was taking over the dining room. He even has a friend that looks a lot like Summer. What a coincidence.

Make sure you have your sound on because Jordan means business.
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He is too funny! Petey's bark is so deep compared to Jordans....much deeper sounding then my weims, I was thinking that was a Dobie thing...guess not.

Carol & Petey!
That is funny.....I now have uproar in my house because apparently the dogs on the computer screen are after my are standing here barking at the screen.
Oh, my dogs superpowers can see right through your computer screen. Be afraid, be very afraid.
That video is funny HB........

I have to tell you when I clicked on it Orson was sleeping away on the soon as Jordan started to bark, Orson sprang up and started barking too and he liked to scare the pooh out of me! LOL.........that's what I get for concentrating to hard ;)
Love the look on Summer's face: 'I'm not quite sure what the heck you're barking at but ok, I'll join in anyway.....'
Both of them will get the other one going. Summer is bad about barking at a flying leaf and as soon as she does Jordan has to join in and looks so confused as to what he is barking at. Summer loves the little game.
Buddy asleep in his crate about killed his self looking for the other dog.
Patches mom
Nice video. I'm glad my two are sound enough asleep not to have noticed the barking. It is just the sort of thing to set them off.
You know sometimes this breed can be the smartest on the planet,then in a drop of the hat the dumbest.From the outside Mischa jumps up the glass doors at the back of the house at her reflection,then the next thing she is opening it from the inside to go out for a pee!!strange dogs or what?
Well Isabelle is asleep behind my chair & the barking didn't phase her - very cute video. He's goten so big! I love the tail :)
Thanks guys and sorry for getting your dogs all wound up. My dogs do the same thing. In my neighborhood it is a chain reaction. I laugh at all the different dog sounds coming from around us.

It is funny how these guys (and gals) can be so smart, smarter then we realize sometimes and do the goofiest things that you would think only a dog with rocks for brains would do. I think he just enjoys to "play pretend". I'm pretty sure in the few months that we've had Jordan that he is probably the smartest dog I've ever had.

I don't see how much he's grown until I look back at pictures of him standing next to Summer and then compare them. He's still a little runt but he's getting there.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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