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Aww where did you get your coats. what a good looking pair of coats and dobes
Hoverfly on etsy made them. She is really nice and fast and I love the cowl neck design personally. I bought a bunch for our rescue and had Auds try on one - she looked so sad when I took it off that I had to order a couple for my kids. Now that hers is here, she loves it! When I pick it up she runs over and sits down in front of me, wagging her nub, until I put it on. She has also seemed overall perkier.

Okay, DT definitely doesn't see enough of these two! They are gorgeous, thanks for sharing.
Thank you :) I've posted a few threads of Alfred in the show forum but not much in the general. I've just recently gotten addicted to the general Dobes forum because of DT SS!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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