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I am sorry if this has already been discussed but I have looked through old threads as well as the general web.

We have had our girl for a little over a month now, she is doing well with pretty much everything except windows. She is absolutley terrified of the window being open. I have closed the blinds and she is fine with it but when she actually realizes it is open all hell breaks loose. She tries to hide anywhere possible, shakes, and in general just becomes really anxious. She loves going on runs, taking car rides etc. with no problems. Personally I do not want to baby it, I try to make a normal enviroment as possible. I have coaxed her with cookies towards the window and she is back to her happy go lucky self but, as soon as she realizes it is indeed open she is back to acting like something is going to get her.

I have gone as far as taking her to the vets and he said everything is fine with her.

Has anyone else had an issue like this ? Or does anyone have any ideas?

I would just hate for her to be in this kind of mind set when spring is around the corner. . . :(
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