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Terri Limborg Puppy?

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Hi I'm new to the forum but recently am interested in Terri Limborg's doberman puppies. What are people's experiences with her?

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I think it is important for people to critically look at potential breeders instead of going 100% off hear say. Here is a thread to read about spotting good breeding practices. Take a look and then evaluate this breeder. People should chime in with some help though, but it is important to be learning too.

Also, you can do a search of the forum threads to see if the breeder has been discussed before.
Welcome to the forum, definitely use the search button for that breeder, a lot has been said on here about them.

Good luck in your search! :)
Both health and temperament issues are rampant in King's Ransom Dobermans. We've had many come through rescue (Doberman Rescue MN).

If you are looking for a puppy in MN, I would recommend you take a look at Jaimand Dobermans: Home If you're willing to expand your search further outside of the state I'd be happy to recommend some other breeders, too. You can do SO much better than KR.
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