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Tennis court play pics

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we went to the tennis courts today at the one was there...and the nets are taken down for the winter so no one would be playing tennis. Duchess loved it! I did too :) It's so nice to be able to spend the day outside with your dog :)

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Move over Martina Hingis,Duchess is moving in!!
Beautiful shots! And as always Dutchess displays the elegance and athleticism of the breed! What a beautiful representative!

Hehhe, cute how nearly all the shots have her with a tennis ball in her mouth!
Those are wonderful! A tennis court makes a great place to ........what else........throw a tennis ball for a dog :)
Great pictures, she's so pretty LapDog.
She looks great LD!. She needs a tennis skirt on to catch all those tennis balls.
wow, duch looks great. I take my dog to the courts too, but its just so cold right now. plus, he's not really into tennis balls. yes, very athletic indeed.
cute! Mine like tennis courts too.
I'm lucky, there's a middle school with about an acre of fenced in playground/ baseball diamond/ soccer field about a mile from my house and we get to go there on weekends and I get to tire Bane out.
Duchess is looking great. Nice pics.

Very nice........when I think of the word SLEEK, I will picture her running for those balls!
Thanks guys! Ive been lucky the weather has been really nice lately...she kinda looks silly to me with a bandana with snow man and stuff on it when there is no snow around anymore lol. Here are some short clips I took of her there too...I didnt get any of her running...but she pranced around quite a bit lol.
we might go back tomorrow with her and coco too since it was so secluded...:)
Duchess certainly is a good looking girl!

She seems to have such an effortless glide when she moves.
The tail action in the first clip is a hoot. She looks like she had a ball. :huepfenju

Hey Lapdog, Duchess and Oscar would make a great doubles team! Duchess could dazzle the opponents with her beauty and Oscar would just chase them around the tennis court with a racket in his mouth.

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Great pictures and the video's are good too, she is such a pretty girl.

Sooz I like that pic of Oscar too, LOL!
HAHA Thanks again guys and SOOZ! YOU HAVE A PICTURE FOR EVERY OCCASSION! lol so funny! :)
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