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Tennis ball nut!

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I recently found out that Maggie is a tennis ball nut!!! It's so funny when I grab a tennis ball and hold it over my head, she'll get into position. Run a couple of feet infront of me, one ear up, and get ready to run for the ball! Lol so is anyone else's dobie a tennis ball freak? How do you get them to catch it in the air? Maggie won't do that, she let's it fall to the ground before she grabs it and runs!
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Mine love tennis balls. I started out by throwing it up a little while she was close to me and she started catching it then a little more distance as she learned each time. She loves balls and definitely tennis balls but she will chew them up too if I don't remove it from her once she quits the play.
Spirit is a ball nut too! He love tennis balls but his favorite is a flat soccer ball! I started doing the same thing. throwing the ball when they were very close to me also I would sometimes open their mouth and put the ball in and say Catch! at the same time.. Some dogs are just natural at it and some are not.. it took me almost 4 years to teach Raven to catch! you would throw something to her and it would hit her in the head and she would look at it like" DuH was I suppose to catch that!:duh_6b:" Keep working on it!
Mine's a nut.........period
I wish mine would. We go outside to play and they stand at the back door waiting to go back inside. lol. Harmony sits under the apple tree in the shade. If I throw a ball or frisbee, they stare at it and lay down. They look at me like, you go get it. They don't even like to chew on rubber toys or balls. Only nice plush stuffed toys that they can shred will do. lol. I have tried and have given up. They will never be athletic dogs. Just runners after the rabbits and birds. That will get them up. :)
My lot love footballs (soccer balls)they chase them round the field dig their fangs in them and destroy them eventually.
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