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Temperament Test in September

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I know there are a number of Doberman owners from Ontario here so thought they might be interested in this. These tests are available for all breeds, but the TT is a requirement for the DPCC's ROMC program so it's maybe of special interest to Doberman people.

The Woodstock (Ontario) and District Canine Association is holding a
Temperament Test, Canine Good Neighbour test and Urban Canine Companion
test on Sunday, September 16, 2007. The information and TT entry form
is now up on the club website.

Just a reminder - the TT is limited to 35 dogs so get your entries in
early. It filled up pretty quickly the last time we offered it in 2005.

We have a beautiful location at the Pittock Conservation Area. Be aware
that there is an admission charge to the park. Prices are listed on the
Mary Korevaar
Secretary - Woodstock and District Canine Association
[email protected]
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Thanks for posting Mary! I know we have quite a few Ontario people here, so hopefully they will participate!
Thanks for posting this. I would be interested in doing the temperment test just out of pure curiousity to see how Abby would react but wouldn't want to take a spot from someone who is legitimately trying to obtain their ROMC.

We really want to do the CGN test sometime but anticipate that our sticking point would be her interactions with strange dogs. Abby is very suspicious of other dogs. What is actually involved in this part of the evaluation?
Sorry for the late response. I've been away for 5 days.

All of the TT, CGN and Urban Canine exercises are listed on the website provided in the original post. For the CGN, I believe the exercise with the other dog is described as "Polite behaviour in the presence of another dog". Usually, two people and their dogs approach one another as you would if you saw a friend on the street, and shake each other's hands. The dogs aren't really expected to do anything, just stand there and be polite. The exercise doesn't last long, the dogs aren't put into each other faces and aren't expected to interact.

The new issue of Dogs In Canada (July) has a whole article on the CGN in it. I saw it briefly today while trying to catch up on stuff from 5 days. Haven't read it in any great detail.
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