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If he is having frequent diarrhea, then you need to avoid anything that is not absolutely necessary, like the supplements, as it will complicate the situation. Your vet may want to try a prescription hydrolyzed protein diet for a period of time (the protein source is broken down so as not to provoke any food allergy), such as Royal Canin makes:

More expensive, but you really need to know what is going on, and eventually you will likely be able to find another protein source he can tolerate . My dog who continued to have diarrhea through 6 wks of chicken breast and white rice, then had normal stools in 3 days. Turns out he was allergic to the chicken!
He later in life went on to have an inflammatory bowel problem called Protein Losing Enteropathy, diagnosed by colonoscopy, (which can also be present in young dogs).
Don't give up-there is an answer!

Sharisse Chavez, MD
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