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Hello all!
I was wondering if anyone had advice about helping with a super mouthy puppy. I know that Dobies are prone to being mouthy (little dobersharks).

My Cedric is 10 weeks old and he, like most puppies, has only 2 speeds... 100mph and deep sleep. My only issue with this is how mouthy he is. As soon as he wakes up, he immediately is biting everything. Do not get me wrong, he has a very VERY soft mouth, and if he ever bites too hard I do the "yelp and immediately walk away for 10 seconds, before resuming play" technique. This has taught him to be gentle, but not to stop the mouthing. I understand that he is young and is exploring the world with his mouth, but I wish I could spend time with him without a part of my body or clothes in his mouth.

He had his ears cropped today, so he is biting a bit harder than normal... I expect that is due to any discomfort he is in, or being a little loopy from meds.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks to get a puppy to stop being mouthy 24/7?
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