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Sunny day pics

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The last 2 days have been in the 70's here..but by the end of the week it is suppose to be back down in the 30's and 40's. Too bad it can't last.

Cobalt guarding the sandbox

Deciding who is going to run first

And the attack

Time for Copper to cool off
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Awww! looks like they are enjoying the weather as much as I am!!!
Awe great pics Wegs!!! Cobalt is growing like a weed!!!
I can never get see enough pics of dobies. Thanks so much for sharing pics of your babies!
Awwh great pics! I love getting on the forum and seeing new pictures displayed!
It's nice to see you guys getting some warm weather. Now I don't feel so guilty nursing the sunburn I got watching the Bike Races.
OMG, he is growing up sooooo fast! What a devilish little bugger you have there ;)

Both of your babies are marvelous :)
Cobalt is growing up so fast. Cooper looks great.
Very cute pups :) They look like they are enjoying the nice weather!
Ooooh, that Cobalt looks like trouble! But big sister will get him straightened out in no time. They both look very happy and healthy, too.
Love the pictures. We are having great weather too. Hi 80`s Low 60`s. We`re loving it.
You have 2 beautiful babies! And I'm really jealous of your sunny weather!!
love the photos.. here has been nice weather too.. Loving it!!
Great pictures I like the one in the sandbox!
What a beautiful pair. Won't it be nice when the weather is warm EVERY day again?
Oh my gosh! What happened to the baby puppy you had??? They really are a cute pair :D Mine would love a sandbox, but I dont think I would love it!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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