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In fairness to frznbns, it does appear that she has some sort of a relationship with the family who has adopted Summer. She said that mariposa's brother is taking (has taken) her and if I'm not mistaken Mariposa owns a pup produced by Frznbns.
I am with Mary though that any responsible rescue "organization" should completely screen prospective owners and at a minimum have animals altered before being put up for adoption. I also feel that individuals who aren't affiliated with organized rescue groups should spay or neuter animals they are just trying to help out. This conversation has made me think of one that I had with the kennel director here on island. She gets so miffed when people bring in strays that they've "rescued" - her definition of "rescue" is not to take it out of one persons back yard and bring it to the stray facility, "rescue" is committing yourself, time and money into providing the animal with the best possible opportunity for a long life in a permanent home -to include vet work, training and socialization.
That said, I realize that some people truly try to help (and do) but just don't have the time or the funds to complete the job - still the animal is better off having met them than not.
I am happy that Summer is in a new home where she is wanted, loved and not a burden (things that she didn't seem to have pre-frzbns intervention) and am very hopeful that she will be spayed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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