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Ok, I understand that we're a small family.. lets Liven this up a little..

Lets have a "SHOW RING" for people who show there Dobermans..

A Working section, for those like me, who will work their Doberman in Schutzhund/PSA/French Ring, Obidence etc.

A rescue section, where people can post Dobermans that need to be rescued, and help set up transportation, etc.

A monthly Photo contest...

a Bitch and Moan section, for when people want to vent, whine, the whole nine yards...

Thats all my brain is allowing me to think of now, I'll be back though! :3dbiggrin

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They are some great ideas! Thanks. I think alot of those things can be done very, very easily.

I am all willing to do whatever it takes to make a popular site for doberman owners and doberman lovers alike.

I am open to all ideas.

Now the only thing I will need is some help in putting it all togethor :D

I can provide the means to do it if someone is willing to spend some time helping to organize and keep track of contests and such.

I can certainly add forum categories for 'show" schutzland" "rescue" and things like that no problem.

For a photo contest it would be very easy to do with the members photo gallery we have set up.

Hopefully some other people will have some ideas and input, we can then gather the information and make something happen.

Thanks again for your willingness to try and help the site and Dobermans in general.

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