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If it were me, I'd work on trading with low value items and teach a command for it (drop it, etc.). Make sure he really knows the behavior. At that point, I'd slowly start upping the ante. Also trade a high value bone for a high value bone.

If it isn't something you've done before, I might bring in a trainer just for a snort bit. It's relatively easy to train but also easy to make worse at the same time.

A trainer friend of mine who does evals for a BC rescue group pulled BC slated for euthansia because her food aggresion was so serious. ONLY if food was in the bowl. Within a month, she's terrific with food and bones. She stayed for a bit at my house and was with another foster (not the trainer). We all used positve methods and desensitization and took teeny tiny steps in the process. Always working under her threshold.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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