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I was just watching this documentary and saw these 2 things I had not heard of before that I thought were incredibly cool. I immediately wanted to tell someone about it then realized that everyone I would tell would just laugh and roll their eyes. Instead I thought I would share with a group of fellow dog lovers who might find this stuff as much fun as I do.

First "Smart Dog". It is basically a phone on the wall that you can call your dog on throughout the day and visa versa. It has a camara like skype and a treat dispenser you control while you are talking to your dog remotely! How clever! The second thing was "DogTV". Its is a channel designed for entertaining your dog. You can get through Direct TV that has 24/7 dogs. Like dogs running through bushes, swimming, etc. The dogs watching seemed to love it :roflmao:

Oh and I just got this app called "Bring Fido" that will tell you all the dog friendly places to go in a given location. I found out about this company that does dog kayaking that way! I have kayaked for years and I can't wait to take my dog!

Quiet time alone is important for all dogs of course, but for the rest of the time between training games, outdoor activities, Kong toys, interactive feeders, puzzles, and your own imagination there are so many fun things created just for dog fun!

Please share if you know of any other fun stuff like this. I love hearing all the ways people are creative with their pups.
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