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The other night, we went over to my brother-in-laws house. I was a little concerned due the fact his boys are like little monsters. I kept Allie with me, and we all sat outside on the deck. Allie ate her treat and laid beside me and my husband. The boys began to come up on the deck and I made them respect Allie. The oldest ran off and the other listened to me. He let Allie sniff his hand and let her know he wasn't going to hurt her, and then gently rubbed her head. Allie was fine with this. They also have a 18mth old little girl (Mary). Mary fell in love with Allie. I was a little nervous, because Allie had no been around child that small. I had a hold of her coller at first. Mary began to pet Allie a little and a little more. On time even pulling Allie's ear. Mary handed Alllie a toy, and Allie took so ever gently. I am so proud of Allie. My brother-in-law said I what a dog like that. My husband and I quickly let him know that a dog must have plenty of attendition and love. And he should only get on if he has the time and patience to train and love one.:dancing_b
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