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When I was a little kid 6 maybe. My family was staying at a friends house for a few days. (Something happened with our place but I can't remember what.) Any ways the friends of ours, had 2 dogs. A smaller dogs and a large dog. My brother and I took these dogs for a walk every day several times a day. Well one day Sean (bro) hooked the leash up to the bigger dog. I was sitting on my tail gate of my dad's truck playing with a Cabage Patch Doll. I looked over at my brother to watch him walk the dog, and this dog grabbed my brothers arm and pushed Sean to the ground and just started bitting. The only thing I seen Sean do was pet him on the head and tell him "Good Boy"
I of course screamed bloody murder and my Dad came running outside and got the dog off of my brother.

After my dad got the dog off of my brother it's a little blury. We did make the owners put the dog down because every time someone entered the yard the dog tried to attack. From that above experience I have had a huge fear of dogs. I still do when I meet a new dog.

With all that being said. I wouldn't want to ban the breed that attacked him. I believe it was a Shepard of some kind. It was one dog not the whole breed.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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