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Submit a photo please

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I found this really good site where alot of people are posting pics saying no to bannings. I will be posting a pic I think everyone here should as well. If a few senaters look at this and change there votes that puts us one step closer to keeping our breed and other breeds safe.

Heres the website:
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I really like them ..the one of serenity makes it really personal. I dont know alot about this banning. Is It coming to Texas PD?

I feel very sorry for all the people caught up in this whirlwind of banning. If it came over here there would be a major uproar :( i couldnt imagine handing over HArvey.
Is the goverment taking any notice of everyones plea's to stop?
hey dont go shooting anyone..i hear texas has death row :help_up_2

i understand your anger though ..i would beat the poop outta them if they came knocking on my door .. i'd only get locked up though for awhile though lol

you would have thought they would have set up a test centre of some kind to determine whether they have a lethal dog on their hands or a good natured one like the ATTS Its horrendous that they want to kill them all.
Germany .. what one earth do ya wanna go there for :D..i have an idea ..why dont you just send trinity over here lol
that would be so funny seeing them race around.. im sure it would be love at first sight when their eyes meet across a crowded air-port lol :D
OMG tracyjo thats awfull..did you get surgery in the end?

my family have had only one pet dog (and we have had alot) that has bitten and i have to say it was the 10 yr old childs fault. It was a Jack russel that had an amazing temperament, very well socialised and was raised around babies and small chilren and was amazily behaved..we never ever thought he had it in him to bite. Well this child (i feel awfull saying this but he was the spawn of the devil) came round for a barbecue with his mum and dad..he teased the dog like hell the whole time and we had to keep dragging im away. we were all shocked at this kid as he had been brought up with dogs but today he thought it would be fun to torment the JR. well he sneaked of while the adults werent looking and started to yank the dog a around and try and wrestle him ..well our JR obviously had enough and bit him on the hand. We had to put him to sleep else it would have got legal even though the kid owned up to trying to wrestle the poor little guy :(
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1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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