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ok, just to show how things have changed. If a dog bites someone today, it gets destroyed.

My parents have a neighbor that has always had black labs. He's is a big hunter & the dogs are worked & go with. Anyway, when I was about 8, I went over to see if the girl wanted to come out & play. She was busy, so she told me no. Well the lab was outside eating. Being a dumb little kid, I got down by him to pet him. I got bit & bit good over my left eye. Blood everywhere. Stitches, & everything were needed.

Guess what? I was yelled at for putting my face down by the dog while it was eating!!!!!!!! No going over & telling Gene that Chip needed to be destroyed, no telling Gene that he had a vicious dog. I was the one in trouble!!

I guess my point is, laws are out of hand now. There are dog attacks where it is the fault of the person being attacked. Then there are some where it is clearly the owner at fault. I would say maybe 1% of attacks are actually the fault of the animal. They started doing it where if a dog attacks, not matter the reason, the dog is destroyed. Now all this ban BS. How about going after the owners who don't belong being owners. Or what about breeders who don't belong breeding?

To say we must ban all Rots, Dobes, GSDs, Pitbulls, etc. is ignorant.

While I won't say every single dog is safe with Max, I will guarantee every human who is not trying to cause me harm is safe with him. Ignorant.
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