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Once upon a time...

There was a REALLY stupid dober-mommy who went and bought a new rug for the entryway. However.....being the stupid mommy that she is, she bought a JUTE rug. The really cute little dober-monster thought he had won the lottery, after all, this was one big BITE SLEEVE! So he chewed it, and chewed it until it was in shreds! (4' x 6' rug) And as soon as the dum-dum dober-mommy saw the rug, she realized that it was never a good idea to use the same material used on all of the tugs, sleeves, and toys that the dober-monster plays with at schutzhund, to furnish the house.

I can't believe that I didn't realize that last night when I bought this rug. It was almost comical because he was just having the time of his life, I'm sure he thought I had just really gone all out on a new toy for him.

Moral of story: Dog Sports must be considered when decorating your house.:eek:ops_2e:

The End​
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