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Which name?

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Choosing names for a puppy is not one of my strengths. But sometimes you just have to wait and see what name suits the puppy. That's the way we named a couple of ours--the right name just sorta became obvious after living with the pup a couple of days.
That’s what I’m thinking will end up happening! Who knows, I might pick a whole new name after spending some time with him lol.

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Many of my puppy's came with call names that they already answered to as well as their registered name. Sometimes I had helped pick the registered names for a litter and sometimes I got a puppy who had been being called something for so long he already answered to it.

As an example, Michelle had registered one as Foxfire's Gold Toed Monster--which was a complicated play on the name of a long ago fawn male who was kind of remembered by people who were around in his day--he was the first fawn to make the Top Twenty and I always knew when his name turned up transposed to Gold Toed Dragon that person had been around for awhile. He also came with a call name--Michelle called him Toed (part of his registered name) I called him Toad and since they sound the same it made no difference to him. And my poor friend who showed most of my dogs in performance stuff got asked from time to time by mystified judges "why do you call such a nice dog 'Toad""

But the cats for me are a better example of choosing call names. They all come unnamed. I leave them unnamed until I find I've been getting their attention with the same name, over and over--then that generally becomes their official name.

But I do sort of try to name them alphabetically. But "Clark" was 14 months when I adopted him and one of the people I worked with at the vet clinic and who knew that I did try to name the cats alphabetically said the since he already had a first name I should just call him 'Clark Gabel'--that worked--even though I never think of nor call him anything except Clark.


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Choosing names for a puppy is not one of my strengths. But sometimes you just have to wait and see what name suits the puppy. ...
Mel is right, we chose Neo as a name for our current puppy cause he was a "new" (not after The Matrix dude) Doberman for us, after losing previous pair. After a while living with this high energy puppy, we considered renaming him either PITA, Hyper-Boy or Joe Pesci, Jr., which is my nickname for him today..."Junior"! As he got older and matured (some) he now would fit names Velcro or Shadow. :)
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