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Well, I had a male who had chronic hematuria (blood in the urine) and I'll tell you about it and what we found and what solved his problem although his symptoms were not really like your puppy's.

My dog had repeated bouts of blood in his urine starting when he was fairly young--under a year as I recall. Because I was showing him and he was getting exercised on leash I had an opportunity to watch him pee and noticed one morning that it looked like he might have blood in the urine. When we got home I got an early morning catch and took it to work with me (I work in a vet clinic) they ran it and were were some bacteria in it and struvite crystals his vet put him on an antibiotic an it promptly cleared up.

A few weeks later there was blood in his urine again (no whining, no leaking--that was very different from your puppy's symptoms ) and he was pretty young for it to be prostate issues--moreover he was being shown and had several points and one of his majors so I really didn't want to neuter him and one of the vets was recommending that.

I talked to his breeder and she talked to a vet friend of hers who promptly called me and said "Don't let them neuter that dog at this age (about 20 months) they haven't even determine exactly where the blood is coming from at this point. Have them call me!"

So he didn't get neutered and two of our vets talked to some other vets (repro specialists and a kidney urinary tract specialtist) and got some suggestions based on what was happening to my dog because he's had bouts of hematuria and what they had determined was that only that very first bout showed any bacteria but a lot of the sterile draws showed blood. And one of them noticed the the pH was always off--not as acidic as it should have been which was allowing struvite crystals to form. Ultimately they found some information straight out of human medicine where they traced similar episodes of chronic hematuria to a line bladder lining which caused bleeding because of irritation from the struvite crystals would scratch the lining and eureka--blood.

That dog went on Hills CD--a prescription diet which got his urine back into the pH range it should have been in and started taking a glucosamine (no chondritine-) supplement which it turns out is a major building block for the dogs body to create a thicker bladder lining.

After he was on both he stopping having the bouts of hematuria---had one more and then none and he lived his life (to over ten) with no further problems, he was intact and while I've had a couple of my males neutered late in life because of prostate issues he wasn't one of them.

But, his symptoms were different than your boys so...for what it's worth.


PS I've known a number of raw feeders over the years and all of them have said that when they started feeding raw, because of the high water content in raw their dogs stopped drinking so much water. It seems to basically normal.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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