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Strange Skin Problems

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Okay...I have noticed a few skin problems on Loki. Loki has dandruff, so I feed him a kibble with no corn which seems to take care of the problem. He also has canine acne on his chin which I clean regulary with warm water, which seems to help. However, I was looking him over the other day and I noticed something strange. On his stomach, he had what looked like a breakout. Pimples and redness. When you look closer, you see little holes and when you squeeze them, black tarry stuff comes out. Has anybody seen this before??? Then, I was looking on his legs, specifically his pressure sores. And when you squeeze there hairs come shooting out. What the heck is this??? What is on his stomach is different than what is on his legs. I am a little freaked out. Anyway, I am going to go to the vet, but has anybody seen this before?
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Sorry to say, I have no info to give. Maybe someone else here can. Please let us know what the vet says. GOOD LUCK!
My older mix had that on her skin with the "tarry stuff" inside. They cleared up as soon as I popped them *shivers....yuk*. I don't know what they were though. They never returned.
Sounds like what's on his legs could be ingrown hairs - but not sure about what's going on with his tummy. I agree that a vet check wouldn't hurt...
The stuff on his legs, I think it is infected hairs. Also, that particular area is super oily. The stomach...not sure what that is. Anyway, I am going to have the vet check it out. I afraid it might be some deep bacterial infection or something.
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